Acoustic Trainer Systems Engineering Services

Submarines at sea rely heavily upon sound for navigation and for the location and identification of other vessels. Sound is received, processed and displayed for analysis on sophisticated electronic equipment. The operation of this equipment requires a great deal of hands-on training to gain and maintain proficiency. SEA CORP supports the Navy in the installation, testing, and documentation for submarine acoustic trainer systems. SEA CORP's engineers develop specifications for new equipment and incorporate improvements in existing equipment. Our technicians carry out testing to ensure that the training simulators operate to design specifications. SEA CORP is also responsible for maintaining the documentation which backs up the engineering work and technical operations. As new and improved systems are ready to enter service, SEA CORP makes the plans for their installation and use, preparing schedules, inspecting and preparing installation sites and testing and evaluating the equipment as it is set up. Throughout the cycle of upgrading existing trainers and introducing new simulators, SEA CORP also plays a key role in the design, development and incorporation of the software needed to operate these highly complex systems.