Data Library and Website Maintenance

The SEA CORP Team maintains government-furnished program data libraries consisting of both a hard copy and electronic media. We also maintain the electronic server files containing program data and maintain numerous project websites in accordance with program requirements. We maintain these diverse libraries and websites by acquiring information from multiple sources. The SEA CORP Team is proactive in acquiring the necessary information to maintain database integrity. We appreciate the necessity of current and accurate information as well as the fact that the integrity of this data plays a significant role in managing programs. The SEA CORP Team also understands that some programs are unique and necessitate the maintenance of multiple websites, notebooks, and libraries. We realize that paper and electronic media storage requirements are necessary based on program-specific sponsor requirements. Our personnel gained extensive data library experience under our current support contracts. These same dedicated personnel use their data library experience and technique to ensure any organization we support is provided with the same knowledgeable, reliable, and accurate library support.