Meeting and Event Support

The SEA CORP Team schedules project reviews, briefings, and meetings to support program milestones. We also attend project/program reviews, briefings, conferences, meetings and off-sites and maintain, transcribe and provide briefing reports and meeting minutes for review and distribution.

SEA CORP is frequently called on to plan, execute and support meetings and presentations, as well as to document and aid in the execution of the outcome of these meetings on such programs as Weapons Certification Teams, the Virginia, SSN688I and Trident Class Submarines, Combat Control Systems (CCS Mk1/2, AN/BSY-1, AN/BSY-2 and BYG-1), Advanced Sonars, and Weapons.

Program reviews, Integrated Product Team and informal working meetings, both internal and with outside sponsors, are a routine matter for the company’s experienced team of administrative and support personnel. The SEA CORP Team has been providing meeting and event support for over a quarter century and is attentive to customer needs and program schedules used to ensure the meeting room has been scheduled for the proper date(s), times(s) and for the appropriate number of attendees, and that meeting material and /or equipment is available. We have developed reliable methods to ensure that all meetings are run smoothly. The SEA CORP Team has many years of proven experience to ensure that meeting requirements are met, beginning with the scheduling of the room(s) to the distribution of concise and accurate meeting minutes.