Missile Systems Engineering

In addition to torpedoes, modern submarines are armed with sophisticated cruise missiles. The Tomahawk and Harpoon missiles can be used against targets at sea or on land. Operations during the 1991 Gulf War, for example, relied heavily on the use of Tomahawk missiles. SEA CORP performs systems engineering and technical analysis services to ensure that these important systems function safely and according to specifications. Much of the Company's effort in this contract focuses on testing. The missiles and their associated combat control systems are tested both with actual firings and with simulations. In both cases, SEA CORP's engineers and technicians help to develop the test procedures, carry them out, and then analyze the results. In support of the overall evaluation program, we also develop and integrate software and hardware and create the data reduction and analysis algorithms for automated data collection.

In addition to our key role in testing and evaluation, SEA CORP also directly supports those missile systems at sea today, and develops improvements for the future. Our technical experts respond to fleet trouble calls, suggesting corrective action and, when necessary, flying to the ship's location to provide hands-on assistance. We also provide logistics support, such as keeping track of spare parts requirements and cataloguing associated components, such as test equipment. As technological advancements make possible improvements to systems' performance, we assist in the design effort, creating electronic schematics and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) drawings of new or improved hardware. Finally, we track the development of the new and improved equipment and software, assist in its installation and test the final product, completing the full cycle of systems engineering support.