SEA CORP Successfully Demonstrates Underwater Launcher

During December of 2014, SEA CORP successfully conducted testing of their newly designed Energy Adaptive Gas Launch & Eject System (EAGLES) prototype at NSWC-Crane, IN.  The sub-scale ejector system was designed, built and tested to validate SEA CORP ballistic model predictions for a notional underwater missile ejector system.  For this sub-scale prototype version, the launch tube was 19” in diameter and 10’ long with a payload (missile shape) that was 1000lbs.  The ejector system uses multiple COTS automotive airbag inflators precisely controlled for ignition by an electronics module; thus creating an optimum pressure curve for the entire stroke of the missile ejection process.  The ejector can handle up to 64 inflators and launch payloads over 4000lbs, but for this testing only six inflators were required to achieve these results.  SEA CORP engineers chose appropriate inflators from the automotive industry and designed the entire ejector and associated electronics to meet customer specifications for a sub-scale ejector design.

The system was first tested with a land based firing and then moved to an underwater posture, per customer requirements. The 1000lb payload was ejected and the recorded test data soundly validates the SEA CORP model predictions. The remaining testing for this effort is expected to be completed by the Fall of 2015.