SEA CORP Wins Phase II Small Business Innovation Contract

SEA CORP of Middletown, RI Awarded Navy Phase II Small Business Innovation Contract

Systems Engineering Associates Corporation (SEA CORP) of Middletown has been selected for a Phase II contract supporting the Navy under the Federal Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. The SBIR program is a three-phase program that offers incentives to businesses of less than 500 employees to allow them to capitalize on their innovative research. The purpose of Phase I was to determine the technical merit and feasibility of the proposed concept. During Phase I, SEA CORP completed a study investigating the feasibility of designing and building a system for the Automated Launch and Recovery of Untethered, Mini-Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) from Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USVs).

This Phase II base effort builds upon SEA CORP’s Phase I study by focusing on designing and developing a system capable of launching a Mini-UUV from an Unmanned Surface Vehicle. The Phase II option will focus on building hardware to perform bench testing culminating in system performance testing and end-to-end testing.

Business Area Manager Scott Smith commented, "The SBIR program, and this award specifically, enables SEA CORP to demonstrate our expertise in innovative technology. We are excited to showcase our unique design concept using airbag inflators in order to help the Navy achieve a reliable and efficient means to launch mini-UUVs from USVs.”