SEA CORP Doubles Production Capacity with New Expansion

SEA CORP is proud to announce a major expansion to its production facilities with a new mezzanine level constructed inside its existing warehouse space located in Middletown, Rhode Island. This 4,000 square foot addition is part of a greater company focus on manufacturing stemming from the current demand and future forecast for our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customer products and other high-tech solutions that support the Navy.

SEA CORP’s President, Dave Lussier, explains that 2019 was the right time to make this expansion happen. “Over the last few years, while our core engineering services business has grown, so has our strong interest in supporting new projects and technologies needed by the Navy. These factors made the expansion a very attractive investment for us to make.”

The mezzanine’s construction was designed to fulfill the goal of increased efficiency and also meet the demand for our products’ assembly for years to come while keeping the new space within our existing footprint. New projects housed in the mezzanine area will be in close proximity to existing personnel, tools, and technologies needed to satisfy the needs of our current and future customers similar to the current prototyping projects already supported in-house.

To prepare for future growth and better posture ourselves for new work, the new production space is equipped for complete Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection, climate controlled, access controlled, and may become a secured manufacturing area in the future. Commensurate with the space creation, we also developed new processes and associated procedures for production that are now integrated with our existing International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001:2015 procedures governing all other activities within the company. A mezzanine-level garage door was installed allowing for pallets and other equipment to be safely hoisted to the new level. A lower-level garage door, additional parking area and driveway is planned which will increase our loading capacity and overall logistics efficiency.

Mr. Lussier summed up the project by saying, “We are excited to have expanded our capabilities and look forward to working with both existing and new customers alike in the dedicated workspace.”