Presentation Support

The SEA CORP Team develops presentation material such as slides, transparencies, paper copies, technical drawings, posters, on-line briefs, video, or multimedia presentations and updates existing slides with current data. This presentation material is developed in accordance with current standards (such as the NUWCDIVNPT Publications & Presentations Guide TD #10,684, NUWCDIVNPT Documentation Guide TD #7,333, and NUWC Publications and Presentations Guide 5200.4E, all provided as GFI.)

The SEA CORP Team has extensive experience preparing and maintaining presentation material on multiple programs such as Weapons Certification Teams, the Virginia, SSN688I and Trident Class Submarines, Combat Control Systems (CCS Mk1/2, AN/BSY-1, AN/BSY-2 and BYG-1), Advanced Sonars, and Weapons.

The personnel are mentored to ensure that the presentation products are prepared accurately and on time using their refined skills and time-developed techniques. Presentation material is maintained in an approved view graph/slide library.