Program Database Development

The SEA CORP Team develops database systems to track programmatic information. Search files and report generation are standard capabilities and are included with all database systems we develop. Our database experts are trained in database maintenance and have the experience required to recommend database improvements, to analyze trends, to rectify inconsistencies, and to produce accurate, concise, and useful weekly and/or as requested reports. SEA CORP Team personnel have designed, developed, implemented, and maintained Information Technology (IT) systems under virtually all of its prime service contracts.

In support of the Mk1/2, AN/BSY-1/2, NSSN and Trident Programs, SEA CORP has developed, reviewed, maintained, and published systems documentation. This documentation may depict program statuses and as such, are delivered in accordance with Program/Department Schedules. This information is loaded onto GFE and remains on GFE with GFI resident software. The SEA CORP Team is extremely attentive and respectful with the handling of proprietary information and has an unsurpassed record of maintaining program sensitive information.