Special Environmental Sensor Systems

Submarines preparing for deployment, or even local operations, frequently are tasked to collect environmental data, such as water depth, currents, salinity, temperature and so forth. The data collected is used to update oceanographic conditions around the world in preparation for future operations and for scientific studies. The data also contributes to trend analysis to predict ocean conditions.

In order to collect this information at the level of detail and precision required for accurate analysis, special sensor equipment is needed. In order to reduce cost and to conserve precious space aboard the submarine, such equipment is brought aboard and installed for the duration of a particular mission, depending upon the nature and location of operations, and then removed when the submarine returns to port. The equipment “package” can then be reconfigured for another mission and used again.

Because of special safety, operational and security requirements aboard U.S. nuclear attack submarines, the temporary integration of additional electronics gear requires special expertise and exceptional care to ensure not only that the equipment will function as required for long periods without maintenance and repair, but also that the equipment will not interfere with the operation of any of the installed systems or other temporary installations. Often, the installations require the design and manufacture—on the scene—of new mounting hardware and hardware/software interfaces.

SEA CORP’s electronics engineers and technicians, with their extensive submarine operational experience and detailed knowledge of the systems aboard, are tasked to install, test and maintain these special sensor systems. The SEA CORP installation teams also train the submarine’s crew in the proper operation of the equipment.