Since its founding over a quarter-century ago, SEA CORP has achieved steady growth. This growth has been due largely to the company’s ability to retain a highly-skilled workforce and at the same time, contain costs through judicious management.

The demand for SEA CORP’s services has never been stronger and the forecast is positive; a solid backlog supports a robust business development plan. Recent strong performance in our core engineering services business area coupled with continued success in research and development projects promises sustained growth and increasing diversity.

Developmental products are nearing maturity and are ready to enter the production phase, signaling the potential for more rapid growth in the future and a transition from, primarily, a service-provider to a full-spectrum technology supplier. 

Small Business Partnering

A significant portion of our growth has been in teaming with small businesses to give them the technology edge and contracting vehicles to succeed in the high technology areas in which we provide support.  We are committed to aggressive small business goals. As we grow further, these small businesses will become even more important to our continued growth.