Program Documentation Development

SEA CORP can research, collect, and compile Department/Program/Project Data provided as customer-furnished information and organize, edit, format/update, and create Technical Memoranda, Reports, and Documents. SEA CORP has significant experience with Government programs and is aware of the need for various programs and projects to maintain specific program documentation. We also understand that programs and projects may have unique documentation and database recording requirements.

The SEA CORP Teams have performed substantial work on the AN/BSY-2, Tomahawk and combat systems trainer programs that involved extensive editing and maintenance of program documentation. The SEA CORP Team has also supported the NUWC Test and Evaluation Branch and the Program Management Branch in the development, analysis, edition, production, and presentation of Business, Five Year, and Strategic plans. We have also been extensively involved in documentation processes, planning and performance systems, organizing and analyzing external planning information in support of the AN/BSY-2 Program Office and the Test and Evaluation Branch in its Certification and Technical Evaluation of the CCS Mk1, CCS Mk2, AN/BSY-1, AN/BSY-2 Trident, and Tomahawk Weapons Certification Team.

The SEA CORP Team leverages its depth of knowledge to mentor all personnel in program documentation development. Personnel who are assigned to documentation development tasks are fully briefed on the particular program methodology, goals, and objectives. In addition, they are chosen based on their skills in this process to ensure that all technical documentation is presented in accordance with accepted standards to allow for prompt and accurate logging of data into proper databases in accordance with individual program requirements.

Depending on the program or project involved, the SEA CORP Team specialists researches various databases, program files and email records, or contacts personnel in order to collect and compile the information required. Information may include assembling data relating to acquisition program documentation, program comment resolution, program progress reports, Work Breakdown Structures (WBSs), program/project forecasting, and department/program logistics recommendations. The process may include editing the research and formatting and/or designing it into a Professional Journal Article, Symposium Paper, Conference Paper, Special Purpose Publication, and/or formal/informal reports. If applicable, the process will include printing and distributing the finished product.